Riotous Behaviour

big pink and orange fluid painting

‘Riotous Behaviour’
is a large orange and pink painting with red, silver and purple accents

180cm x 150cm (71″ x 59″)


details of Riotous Behaviour art
large orange and pink art above a sofa
paint cells

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More than it appears

Riotous Behaviour is an absolute barn-stormer of a painting! If you want an abstract that’s full of energy and life then this should be on your short list to view. The main part of the painting is a mix of dusky pink and bright orange.

This is fused together with a great big dash of red through the middle then surrounded by a rich, opulent metallic silver and all kinds of subtle hints and accents. Gold, aqua, blue purple, black and white are all in there somewhere.

Now, whilst there’s a lot going on here, it’s important to understand that the painting is remarkably calm and mature. One of the reasons it succeeds is that the ‘chaos’ is extremely well controlled. For me that’s mainly down to the way I have separated the major colour areas and then fused them together. The painting is actually very well planned out before the paint is even mixed. It has to be otherwise it all goes down hill very quickly.

Details, features and forms

Blocks of colour, on their own, only tell half the story though. If you can’t do something with them then you’re missing the point. That’s where the explosive movements come in. They are the things that bring all these areas together – and in spectacular fashion!

White is key here – it adds light but also spans the voids to melt all the individual elements together. I absolutely love this! Then there are the details and let me tell you that this painting, on a very close up level, is really quite extraordinary.

At this point I’ll let you glance through the four close up photos showing things like paint cells, fluid rivers, tiny fractals and magnificent blooms. You’ll never tire of this – ever. There’s so much going on it always looks different. And when you consider it can be rotated in at least four orientations you’ll appreciate how that will also change into a whole new experience each time you turn it.

Riotous Behaviour large art by Swarez
pink and black paint cells
large orange painting down a hallway
metallic silver paint on canvas

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