Blue Blood


‘Blue Blood’
is a stunning blue and magenta pink painting

200cm x 85cm (79″ x 35″)


close up view of magenta and blue paints on canvas
pink and blue abstract painting hanging above sofa
details of blue and pink paint on a painting

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Blue Blood is a vibrant and individual new abstract created with magenta, two shades of blue, some white and a dash of metallic silver. With the exception of my monochromes (black and white) it’s rare for me to stick to a smaller number of colours for a single painting. That’s partly because I love colour so much I am always so keen to use all of them!

However, it’s good express that urge with a more selective palette from time to time (on this occasion it’s four) and Blue Blood is the first in a series of more considered expressions of colour and form. Most of the new works like this are just four base colours.

Blue and pink

Blue and pink (officially it’s magenta according to the tin!) are so good together. I have used this combination a number of times over the last ten years and it is one of the most expressive duos I have found. Things never turn out the same way twice no matter how hard I try so I am always guaranteed of something pretty tasty.

Using these colours to form shapes is always a challenge and in this painting I chose to dominate with that epic pairing of Swarez Blue and French Blue. Where they mix you get some amazing tonal shifts and the contrast between the two is an absolute joy!

The inclusion of magenta (sorry, pink) brings the whole thing alive and by carefully working this into specific areas I can make the painting feel linger than it actually is. The pink carries the movement along the canvas surface in ways that few other colours could.

I also love how the paint masses in the centre gradually ease out and give way to stunning, fractal-like details as you move out toward the edges. This is where the breathing space of a pristine white background allows the tiny features to show themselves off without interruption. Perfect!

blue and pink art
details of blue and pink paint on a painting
blue and magenta painting
close up view of magenta and blue paints on canvas